Phrases for job seeking

Some Phrases for a Job Interview


Adjectives for Interview






A Text Book Of Professional Communication

Effective Letters for Every Occasion



Positive words

Overused adjectives on internet

Adjectives very helpful

100 exquisite(extremely beautiful and delicate) adjectives

Adjectives list

300 powerful words

Words list


Words used to describe situations and circumstances

Important for vocabulary

Important site


Character Trait Descriptive Adjectives and Other Words

List of descriptive words

List of words

Transition words


Useful Phrases for Participating in a Business Meeting

Telephonic conversations

Phrasal Verbs

Important site

Telephonic phrases

Very useful expressions

Very important daily phrase

Important site

Important phrases

English conversations


English Conversations

Small talks

English Conversations

Speech writing

7 C’s for communication

Empathy statements with examples

Call center spies

Calm Upset People with Empathy, Attention and Respect


Empathy statements

Five phrases a customer center manager should use

Call center trainning module

The right to build a rapport with caller

Customer Service Power words

5 phrases that guarantees to boost customer service

Powerful customer service words

6 worst and best phrases for customer service

10 Magic phrases of customer service

Customer care skills

Customer Service Keywords

15 things retailers should never say

The top 20 selling phrases

Customer care conversations

Diplomatic phrases for customer care

USEFUL PHRASES-how to write formal letters–how-to-write-formal-letters

Words and Phrases for customer service

Writing business letters






Windows Shortcuts

Inspirational Hindi Couplets

U have the pics while u were preparing for the android apps building. the pics of Amish Shah. Read those pics

Jeff Bros lessons

Marketing Magical Words

100 beautiful and ugly words

Important site

Business Idioms


Dramatic situations

Quotes that will change ur life

Tips from famous billionaires

Foods to increase memory


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